Price List

Local Coffee Lover

Includes 2 coffee mugs and 4 different small bags of local ground coffees from Jasper, Ellijay, and Blue Ridge​​.

Romance - Option 1

2 wine glasses, a choice of wine or champagne, chocolates, snacks, a dozen roses, and other small touches.

Romance - Option 2

Similar to option 1 but with a small colorful bouquet instead of a dozen roses. Both options have non-alcoholic alternatives​​.


Features a Happy Birthday banner, a small bouquet of flowers, birthday balloons, and an 8'' cake​​.


Includes personalized coffee mugs, wine glasses, or champagne glasses, and a choice of coffee lovers or romance packages. If the coffee lover package is chosen, it also includes a small bouquet of colorful flowers​​.


Designed for small weddings at the cabin. Includes personalized champagne glasses and coffee mugs, champagne, rose petal decoration, snacks, chocolates, a package of local coffee, and a dozen roses or colorful flower bouquet​​.

Local Goodies

A basket packed with local products like coffee, snacks, wine, honey, soap, and a few extras​​.

Local Wine Lover

Includes 3 surprise bottles of wines or ciders from local wineries. Options include red wine, white wine, and cider​​.


Contains snacks, chocolate, Champagne or sparkling cider, and 2 champagne glasses​​.

Stocked Kitchen

Offers grocery pick up from local Walmart and stocks the kitchen for the guests' arrival. Guests pay for the groceries online, and there's a small fee for pick up and stocking​​.

Self Care Basket

Includes bath bombs, loofa, Native body lotion, local soap, face masks, and bubble bath​​.